• Shindaiwa a complete line of heavy-duty, built-in chainsaws for professional users and discerning customers.

    Shindaiwa quality chainsaws Professional are designed for high performance, easy handling and long lasting durability. They are equipped with professional features that use the best technology and outstanding designs to operate in the most difficult conditions. Among the seven models available, there is a Shindaiwa chainsaw that is sure to meet your needs. 

  • Shindaiwa trimmers are powerful and offer many features that match well with any environment.

    Shindaiwa trimmers are powerful and lightweight . A choice of engines in power and technology will allow you to find the right trimmer for your work. The T242X, T262X AND T282X, standard with blade adds even more versatility to the product line. Speed-Feed cutting heads that recharge in seconds, without disassembly, are standard on every model. Comfortable and ergonomic handles allow the operator to use comfortably all day long.

  • Shindaiwa brushcutters have the performance and comfort you need to tackle the toughest working conditions.

    Professional features like The bicycle handlebar style grip with rubber sleeve allows Shindaiwa brushcutters to cut through thick undergrowth quickly and effortlessly. A standard Speed-Feed trimmer head and blade mounting parts provide maximum versatility to tackle all brush cutting tasks.

  • A clean line between the grass and a sidewalk or driveway is one of the greatest proofs of your professionalism.

    Thanks to the edgers of Shindaiwa, it's easy to create a perfect line every time. Commercial features such as the height-adjustable guide wheel, open shield and steel skid plate combine with a powerful motor to tackle the toughest grasses and soils.

  • Shindaiwa blowers offer incredible power and two of the largest engine displacement on the backpack blower market.

    Each model of the backpack blower Back features dual adjustable shoulder straps, a padded backrest and ergonomic position controls for all-day comfort. Hand blowers are light and powerful and offer excellent fuel efficiency.

  • The Shindaiwa Hedge Trimmers have double reciprocating blades that cut at lightning speed for precise cuts and contours.

    They are available either as a single-edged or double-edged blade version and in both cases with two different blade lengths. The blades are nickel plated for long lasting durability. Rubber grips provide exceptional comfort and control. The DH232 AND DH236 feature a 180 degree rotating handle. The HT232 and HT235 are lightweight and fitted with a standard debris broom for easy cleaning.

  • Very sharp double reciprocating blades quickly trim any hedge.

    The Shindaiwa Pole Hedge Trimmers offer the choice of a Fixed or articulated gear housing as well as shaft lengths from 29 "(73.66 cm) to 57" (144.78 cm).

  • The Shindaiwa Multi-Tool System is designed for those looking for maximum versatility from a single tool. Its easy-to-use locking coupling allows for the use of a single drive system and accommodates up to nine attachments so you have the right tool for the job. The Multi-Tool System is an excellent alternative to specialized equipment, reducing maintenance and space.

  • Shindaiwa spreaders are designed for heavy duty applications and built to last. Our four models feature large rubber tires for effortless maneuvering on all types of surfaces and are factory calibrated to ensure consistent application of a multitude of products.

  • Shindaiwa vaporizers offer lightweight tanks with UV inhibitor labeled in gallons and liters, convenient and comfortable handles with lock and unlock functions, sturdy tubes and a 76.20 cm (30 "arm) ) which includes three nozzles.

  • Exclusive to Shindaiwa, the PS344 PowerBroom motorized broom offers exceptional power and a strong solid steel drive shaft to handle any sweeping task. With four different choices of brushes or blades, you can be sure you have the tool you need to remove debris from virtually any surface on hand.

  • Accessories & amp; tools

    A wide range of accessories available of high quality for professionals and enthusiasts of the forest.

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Shindaiwa products are the first to start and the last to stop.

Shindaiwa offers superior products to the professional user and the discerning customer that prioritize legendary performance. Shindaiwa products are covered by a 5-year consumer warranty and a 2-year commercial warranty.

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